Congresswoman Barbara Lee “Fighting the Good Fight”


Congresswoman Barbara Lee met this week with seniors at the West Oakland Senior Center in Oakland to hear their concerns and share with them the work that she is doing on Capitol Hill to protect vital community programs.


Congresswoman Lee said she is “fighting the good fight to reverse some of the terrible cuts being made.” These cuts could jeopardize programs that seniors helped to make possible 50 years ago, Lee said – including food stamps, childcare, and senior programs.


Lee also spoke about the economic pulse of African Americans in California – right now, 26 percent live below the poverty line. The unemployment rate for this population, 13.2 percent, is also twice that of the entire state population.


Congresswoman Lee cited statistics that show 48 percent of Black youth between the ages of two and 5-years old get expelled from Pre School, while only 18 percent of Pre School students are Black.


Examining issues of unemployment, poverty, and social justice among African Americans in the state, California is right behind Mississippi – which indicates 38 percent of African Americans are living below the poverty line.


Congresswoman Lee said she continues to advocate for constituents who need the help of the government, including seniors who depend on Medicare, social security, and other programs. Sixteen million people have benefitted from Medicare.


Local residents acknowledged Congresswoman Lee for being a “progressive, active member of Congress for the people.”



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