San Leandro Opens Three Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Public Use


The City of San Leandro announced that it has installed three new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that are now available for public use.

Two of the stations are located at the City’s Downtown Garage, located at 122 Estudillo Av., and the third station is located at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant at 3000 Davis St.

“Electric vehicles ultimately save money for those who drive them and are good for the environment because these vehicles don’t directly generate any carbon emissions,” said Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter. “But one of the biggest impediments to more people being able to own these types of vehicles is finding a place to charge them.”

The stations have been installed as part of a wider effort known as the Bay Area Charge Ahead Project, a grant program funded by the California Energy Commission that is facilitating the installation of 152 EV charge ports throughout the Bay Area in high-priority areas.

In order to use the stations, members of the public need only to drive up and plug in (a Charge Point account is required). Users will be charged $1.50 per hour for the first four hours of charging, and $5.00 per hour thereafter. The Charge Point Level 2 stations provide power between 208 to 220 volts, which typically provide a full vehicle charge within four hours.

The Bay Area Charge Ahead Project is part of a regional collaboration being led by the California EV Alliance and its partners, including the Bay Area Climate Collaborative, a program of Prospect Silicon Valley.

“The Bay Area is the nation’s leading regional electric vehicle market on a per capita basis,” added Richard Schorske, executive director of the California EV Alliance. “Reaching our regional goal of 100,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2020 will result in over $100 million going into the local economy that would otherwise be spent on petroleum products coming from outside our region.”

There are nearly 40,000 plug-in vehicles and 2,500 charging spots in the Bay Area. Electric vehicle sales have grown steadily in California, exceeding the rate of adoption compared to conventional hybrids when first introduced.

In 2014, electric vehicles accounted for over five percent of auto sales, and are expected to grow according to state and independent projections. Battery costs, which are the most significant component of electric vehicle costs, are also estimated to decrease by up to 50% or more by 2020.

The increased use of electric vehicles will also help San Leandro achieve its Climate Action goals because these cars serve to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and produce less noise pollution. Electric vehicles also emit only 20 percent of the heat that is generated by conventional automobiles, which can help to cool down Bay Area cities during warm summer months.

For more information, contact Judy Walker of the San Leandro Department of Public Works at (510) 577-3437.


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