Warriors Hold The Spotlight, Bay Area Support Goes Deep


Oakland, CA – The Warriors have finally made it! They’ve had an incredible year and need four more games to hoist the Larry O’ Brien NBA Championship Trophy. But before they do that, they’ll have to get past LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals which is this Thursday at Oracle Arena. In the meantime, the Bay Area teams have shown their support throughout their magical season.

The San Francisco Giants have been the team that’s dominated in championships. They’ve won the World Series in 2010, 2012, and 2014. No other team has come close except the 49ers, they made it to the Super Bowl in 2012 but lost to the Baltimore Ravens 34-31. Now, it’s the city of Oakland’s turn to make a run for the title.

Professional athletes from all five teams have attended Warriors games. In the Bay Area we support our own. Giants’ outfielder Hunter Pence was the only athlete to bring a bit of creativity to the game when he showed up getting the crowd involved who later delegated him as “Splash Brother #3”.

“We were truly grateful to have him here, he added electricity to an already amazing atmosphere here,” said Pence. “It’s been pretty special what he’s been able to accomplish with the Warriors as well as the entire team. I asked to go to a game to witness the greatness of this season. I just wanted to bring faith and energy to the game, I didn’t think they’d really notice but more so get the fans involved in cheering them on.”

Warriors Photo
Warriors Photo

To return the favor Curry showed up with his family to the Giants game last Friday night where the sold out crowd gave him a standing ovation while chanting MVP when he was shown on the big screen. Unfortunately, his appearance caused a fuss among Bay Area fans that complained the reigning MVP could’ve showed up in Oakland while the A’s were hosting the New York Yankees on the same day.

Athletics Right Fielder Josh Reddick took to his Twitter to express his feelings, “Hurts to see Curry at a Giants game #RightInTheJugular.”

“I’ve been to plenty of A’s games and plenty of Giants games, but I’m actually a Red Sox fan,” Curry said after Monday’s practice.

After explaining there was no baseball team in Charlotte, NC where he grew up. Curry and his younger brother picked teams to root for. Curry selected the Sox while his brother Seth Curry picked the Yankees. So, technically he has no loyalty to any team in the Bay Area. Just like other athletes and coaches, he supports all teams. Curry has attended every professional teams game in both Oakland and San Francisco since he was a rookie back in 2009.

“We’ve had our little rivalry going on, he explained. “The Red Sox are ‘my team’ but I obviously support both Bay Area baseball teams. That’s probably not the most popular stance, but I like to see teams play well and do well, and I’ve worn both hats. I’m all right with it.”

But to make sure things were smooth in Oakland, another Warriors All-Star, Klay Thompson attended the A’s game on Sunday. He sat behind the dugout and donned the Athletics cap just as Curry did in San Francisco, pointing to the logo.

Oakland beat the Yankees 3-0 that day and won the series. The A’s offered him VIP treatment but Thompson turned it down to join the fans in the crowd. Afterwards, he made a trip to the A’s clubhouse to sign baseballs, take pictures and hang with players.

“Very well received,” said Oakland’s manager Bob Melvin in regards to Thompson’s visit. “Wearing green.”


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