OP-ED: Fathers Must Man-up


By Richard Wembe Johnson, Folsom Prison


Having never had the influence or semblance of a father figure in the household as a youth, I like many others would seek out other sources of fatherly impressions.


Most often these impressions usually fell short in terms of being productive in regard to actually helping rather than hurting.


These sources that youth tend to relate and turn to are usually self serving and exploitative.


As we approach another Father’s Day, we must be mindful of what being a true father entails when it comes to the future of our children, because not all sources and impressions are negative replacements. Yet allowing any negativity to offset a child can cause that youth irreparable damage.


Fathers are equally as important as mothers for it is fathers that sons look to in times of indecision and confusion about becoming a man.


I believe that mothers usually can only provide so much guidance in respects to boys becoming full-fledged men. And I believe that a man can’t fully guide a girl into womanhood. Only an informed woman can accomplish it.


This equally applies to a woman pertaining to boys.


I believe that nothing can truly replace the essence of a real dedicated fatherly man. Fathers won’t necessarily ensure that the youth won’t go astray. What a father of substance would do is give that youth the necessary supervision and direction to help the child strive for greatness.


Practically any male who is physically capable can produce an off –spring. However, not just any male can raise a child correctly.


Fathers aren’t without fault.


They make mistakes, blunders, and at times will be uncertain about things. The key is to learn from each and every error to prevent repeating those errors in the future.


This type of on-the-job training makes the father better, stronger and more confident in his role as a provider, advisor and protector.


There is no greater joy than having children, aside from raising them into adulthood, as loving, caring, intelligent human beings ready for the pressures in life that undoubtedly will cross their paths.


Fatherhood is infinite, and the challenges of being a good father remain the supreme task for every father. Fathers must man-up and become the type of father that is mandated of him.


Males are plentiful, but we also need plenty of men being good fathers to their children, or real stand-ins for F.M.I.A (Fathers Missing in Action).


Let’s upgrade the availability of good fathers, not reduce it on yet another Father’s Day.


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