OP-ED: Shipping Coal Through Oakland, “Yet Another Attempt to Exploit My Community”



By Margaret Gordon


After making a commitment to keep the forthcoming bulk terminal coal free, the developer has conducted a deal behind our backs to bring this antiquated energy resource through our neighborhoods that will endanger health, safety, and environment.



This deal is not about nothing.


I and others are saying no to yet another attempt to exploit my community, which has suffered from decades of environmental injustice.


Our community, my organization and our partners support developing this terminal, which will create jobs and grow our economy.


We support innovation, which is why we don’t want to jeopardize the transition from a dying industry to our clean energy of the future.


This dirty deal is on the wrong side of change. Let’s build this bulk terminal, and lets do it without coal.


We must have cleaner air and healthy communities for all of Oakland.


Margaret Gordon is co-founder of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP)


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