OP-ED: Awareness Is Key to Better Health



By Gerard A. Turner



Today, more than any other time throughout history, we see the importance of and the ease with which we can all realize and maintain better health.





Even in today’s “hustle and go” times, the speed at which information travels, along with the progression of mind and medicine, allows us to now give our overall health the attention it deserves.



Self-exams and check-ups are being offered by wellness facilities in effort to reach more of the communities that they serve.



Understand that awareness is key.



By becoming more conscious of the products we use and the policies regarding health in our environment, we can tap into resources that may otherwise go unnoticed.



As we enjoy healthier lives, we begin to take interest in those things which support healthier living, which is vital in creating for ourselves a more health-conscious environment.



The effects of such an environment results in healthier families, which means healthier communities. And we know now that a healthier community makes for a more productive community.



Gerard A. Turner is Health & Wellness Correspondent at the James A. Watson Wellness Center, 5709 Market St. in Oakland.


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