OP-ED: Trump Goes Against What America Stands For



It’s not difficult to surmise the obvious thinking of presidential hopeful Donald Trump, especially the fact that he has been so outspoken on his dislike for “ill-legal Mexican immigrants.”




His vitriolic language removes all doubt about his real feelings.



Trump claims his remarks are aimed at the “illegal immigrants” and not Mexicans as a whole. But if he is as educated as he proclaims, you would expect his choice of words to be more appropriate.



Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and ideas, but one isn’t entitled to condemn an entire race of people because you don’t like their origins and then label them as drug smugglers, rapists and criminals.



It seems moronic that he could talk this way while seeking to be president of the most powerful nation on earth.



Trump’s remarks are coded signals to all those who also hold racist sentiments on immigration, especially to those who believe that Mexico is just for Mexicans and America is only for Americans.



Trump should understand this country’s history, how much of it was carved out of Mexico and founded by immigrants.



Trump goes against everything that America stands for when he spouts inflammatory rhetoric against Mexicans.



In the midst of Trump’s romp on the political stage, it appears that the Republican Party is trying to figure out how to separate itself from him.



Trump’s vitriol has garnered so much media coverage that other presidential contenders are now attacking him and demanding that he withdraw as a way to attract media to their own campaigns.



His words are meant to pump the negative racial sentiments held by some against others, but, ultimately it will be left to the voters to decide.



I suspect that Trump received incomplete grades in his civics and history classes because history shows that it was some people with bad intentions who were among those who fled to America, landing on Plymouth Rock.



Dismissing these historical facts, he adds insult to injury when he demonizes an entire people to obtain political leverage.



It seems obvious, especially from recent polling results, that his spiteful jargon will sway those who are in accord with his thinking.



But the presidential campaign is still early, and Trump must bring much more than perverse hatred to win over enough people to reside in the White House as the nation’s leader.


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