400 High Tech Jobs Available Through New Obama Program



President Obama this week announced 10 new TechHire Communities, including Oakland, which has committed to placing 400 individuals in paid internships or full-time jobs by the end of 2015.



The city will achieve this commitment through several accelerated pathways, which will be publicized in the near future.


“I am pleased to see Oakland become a TechHire Community. The city’s commitment to empowering people with work based on their skill set and advance tech training is remarkable and vital to the continued economic growth of our community,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee.


“I am proud to have been a part of this tremendous effort and I look forward to working with city officials to expand this program and others that link community members with resources, workforce training and good-paying jobs,” said Congresswoman Lee.


The president’s TechHire Community program is a public-private partnership designed to ensure applicants find work based on their skill sets, as opposed to degrees.


It is also designed to activate accelerated tech training opportunities while investing in innovative entrepreneurial and jobs programs that connect a diverse workforce, including women, people of color, veterans and underserved and disconnected young people.


“I am delighted that Oakland will be partnering with public and private partners to ensure that the type of diversity that is found in cities like Oakland is reflected in the halls of our tech leaders,” said Mayor Libby Schaaf.


“Congresswoman Lee was instrumental in making this happen for Oakland,” said Schaaf.


“We are really committed to this agenda of equity, of getting Oakland kids ready and connected to opportunities here in the Bay Area,” she said.


Other new TechHire communities announced this week are Akron, OH; Birmingham, AL; Cincinnati, OH; Lynchburg, VA; Maine; New Orleans, LA; Pittsburgh, PA; Rhode Island; and San Jose, CA.


President Obama’s goal is to establish 40 TechHire cities by the end of the year.


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