OP-ED: Seeking an “Altered State” through Stimulants



“I can’t do this time in a sober state of mind,” is a phrase one often hears in prison. Translated, it means that it is mandatory that they be in an altered state of mind.


Sadly, due to a state of hopelessness, many prisoners hold this point of view.


I don’t agree with this point of view, but I do understand why and how some arrive at this desperate point of view.


It is unnatural for human beings to live in cage-like conditions designed for wildlife. Most will never be able to adapt or acclimate to any form of unnatural captivity without being medicated either with prescriptions or street drugs.


Some even become addicted to homebrew alcohol.


People from all walks of life sometimes tend to gravitate to whatever drug or drink helps them deal with the stresses of life.


And some consume substances to find their way through the psychological drama associated with daily survival. So, too, in prison, as in society, you are summoned to fight the fight of civility in a very uncivilized heart wrenching and crushing atmosphere that debilitates one’s spirit at every turn.


Even though most people, in or out of prison, don’t seek peace through drugs or alcohol, it behooves us to find solutions that address the dependencies that some have to mind altering stimulants.


Because when we remove the stresses, we also do away with the need for stimulating substances as a means to just get by.


The emotional and physical struggles we all face are essentially the same, whether inside prison walls or out. And, accordingly, people tend to react to adversity in the same manner, but some just simply give in to anything that is seen as a helping agent.


At the heart of this reality is that everybody becomes victimized directly or indirectly.



The impact of these dependencies on drugs and alcohol hits us harder if it is a family member or a friend. Society is also affected whether it is in the form of increased taxes, new laws or the exposure that pulls at one’s moral consciousness.


The feeling of despair depression or not being in control is certainly something that occurs on many levels and isn’t solely relegated to those who are incarcerated. Thus, only by addressing shared problems in a unified manner can we can we begin to find solutions.


We must work together to address this universal human dilemma.


If we incorporate a proper unified design, the correct solution will manifest itself. Help is the underlining essence that can cure the hopelessness that causes people to turn to products that create an altered state of mind.


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