Tehuti, 70



John Lee, known to friends as Tehuti, passed away on June 18. He was 70 years old.


Tehuti was born April 12, 1945 to Jo Lee and Betty Hill in Mobile, Alabama. He attended elementary and junior high school in Mobile and graduated in 1963 from Central High School.



After graduation, he served his country in the military for a short period of time. Tehuti later moved to California where he found his calling to pursue higher education.


Tehuti adopted his name from the ancient Egyptian scribe and recorder of history. The name suited him well as he was always sharing information with others of community happenings, and connecting people.


Tehuti often wore red, black and green suits or an all white outfit with the pharaoh’s headdress, representing the Afrikan culture.


While he studied different religions, Tehuti often attended WO’SE Community on Sundays, and would invite others to be enlightened on righteousness and the Afrikan culture.


Tehuti never married.


He had one older brother, Joe Lee Jr., and two sisters, Brenda Lee and Denise Hill Lee, who preceded him in death. He is survived by two sisters, Sharon Denise Lee and Rochelle Lee, and his loving cousin Mary Harrison of Chicago, Illinois.



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