SF Rally Calls for War on Gentrification



By Wade Woods


An overflow rally last Sunday at the historic Third Baptist Church in San Francisco, religious and community leaders called for the end of gentrification in San Francisco, calling it 20th Century genocide.


The meeting was called originally to protest the attempted sale of Fredrick Haynes Gardens but was turned into a call to save and preserve all subsidized housing in the city.


Among the speakers were Archbishop King, Healing Circle founder Mattie Scott, Rev. H.D. Haynes III and Nation of Islam Minister Christopher


They talked about the gentrification in Los Angles and told the gathering that African Americans and the poor in San Francisco were in a war to have a decent place to call home.


Dr. Rev. H.D. Haynes brought the crowd to their feet in a rousing sermon saying that “just because the Confederate flag had been taken down in North Carolina, the fight was not over.”


He said San Francisco is ground zero in the national fight against gentrification.


A resolution presented by Rev. Arnold Townsend will be given to Supervisor London Breed to deliver to the Board of Supervisors.


The resolution calls for the city to use t public funds “to provide permanent affordable housing opportunities to current low- and moderate-income residents whose primary residence are …units (that are) resident-owned land trusts or other resident ownership mechanisms that ensure permanent affordability of these housing opportunities.”


Rev. Amos Brown, pastor of Third Baptist Church and the driving force behind the rally, called on everyone to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting in September and bring five people, when the resolution would be presented to the full Board of Supervisors.



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