School Buzz: “Stay Positive and Help Others,” says Zimbabwe Davies



Zimbabwe Davies is one focused individual who continues to spread positive energy along his journey.


As a foster youth, his aunt Desiree Jeffery took him under her wing and gave him the support he needed. Since then, Davies has been on an incredible journey.


He produced two fashion show fundraisers to benefit the Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP) that provides assistance to current and former foster youth. Both fundraisers combined raised $12,500 that went towards school and housing costs for foster youth in ILSP.


Davies also created creative writing workshops to help youth better express themselves.


Always surrounded by people that believed in him, Davies was never afraid to just be himself. This, he says, allowed him to play on his strengths, which helped him excel.


“I produced my first fashion show at 20 years old,” said Davies. “I received the Angel Award from actress Terri J. Vaughn and was presented by actress Nia Long. From that, I wrote and produced a documentary film called ‘Enter a Challenger, Exit a Champion.’”


As an MC for the Silence the Violence movement, I have spoken on numerous panels for foster youth, he said.


With all of his achievements, Davies devotes his time to give back to the community. He volunteers as a football coach at deFremery Park in West Oakland with kids ages 7-13 years old. He has learned that through the care that was given to him through his auntie Desiree.


“When I was having programs like ILSP, that support current and former foster youth, it really helped. Having mentors in place that are positive role models gave me the hope that I needed as I was navigating through life, by building healthy relationships with people,” said Davies.


Davies’ story is motivation to remain focused and keep moving on despite your circumstances.


“Having faith and belief is the key, along with having a positive attitude and being optimistic during challenging times,” he said.


Davies encourages others to, “Stay positive, help others, make time for others, write your thoughts down, execute your plan, and share it with the world so the world can be inspired.”



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