Kiteley’s 50 Year Ministry at Shiloh Church



Shiloh Church, located at 3295 School St. in Oakland, will be celebrating 50 years of ministry in the Bay Area with a series of events Sept. 4-6.


The church will also recognize Pastors Javier and Melinda Ramos as new senior pastors of the church. This will be the fourth transition of senior leadership in the church’s history as Shiloh continues to carry on the heritage laid by past generations.


Pastor Patrick & Marlena Kiteley
Pastor Patrick & Marlena Kiteley

The church was founded in 1965 when missionaries Dr. Violet Kiteley and her son Dr. David Kiteley emigrated from Canada to the Bay Area.


Shiloh started in the living room of an African American family with a handful of dedicated believers during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.


Fifty years later, the church has grown to include parishioners from over 40 nations with affiliate ministries impacting hundreds of thousands of people around the world through its biblically-based training centers and church plants.


The Shiloh ministry currently reaches across the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines, Ethiopia, and hopes to expand to other nations in the future.


Dr. David and Marilyn Kiteley
Dr. David and Marilyn Kiteley

Five generations of the Kiteley family have played a part in the church legacy, beginning with Dr. Violet’s father, Albert Whitney, who had a strong healing ministry that was greatly influenced by the late Smith Wigglesworth. Whitney remained active in his ministry until the day he died in 1988 at the age of 105.

Dr. Violet, now in her 90’s, served as the president of Shiloh Bible College for over 35 years in Oakland, as well as its affiliates in other nations. She has faithfully served in full-time ministry for over 70 years and been instrumental in training hundreds of leaders who now minister in churches around the world.


Her son and co-founder, Dr. David Kiteley and his wife Pastor Marilyn have served as co-pastors since 1970, and became senior pastors in 1986.


Pastor Marilyn is also a Bible teacher, counselor, and women’s minister. Dr. David has traveled around the world, holding leadership conferences in over 45 countries.


Pastor Javier and Melinda Ramos
Pastor Javier and Melinda Ramos

His son, Pastor Patrick and wife Marlena have served as senior pastors since 2008 and effectively launched a college and career ministry as well as a university campus outreach at UC Berkeley. Additionally, Pastor Patrick served as executive director of The Call, which drew over 40,000 people to Candlestick Park for a day of intercession for Northern California.


Dr. David’s daughter, Pastor Melinda and husband Pastor Javier Ramos have served as pastors of the Children’s Ministry, which has greatly impacted the church and Oakland community.


Pastor Javier, who is bilingual and having a strong gift in contemporary preaching and teaching, has also served as pastor of Iglesia Shiloh.


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