Pastor Timothy Hawkins Receives Doctoral Degree


Rev. Dr. Timothy Hawkins, pastor of Bible Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, recently celebrated a key academic achievement, earning his Doctor of Ministry degree on June 7 from Faith Evangelical College & Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.

During his three years of studying, research, and writing, Dr. Hawkins remained at the helm of Bible Fellowship Church, leading, preaching, teaching, and guiding his congregation.

His studious path began many years ago when First Lady Rachel Hawkins enrolled him in an English class at Chabot College. Dr. Hawkins says attaining this educational goal could not have been done without his extremely supportive wife.

“Everything we do for God ought to be excellent. I believe in doing the best for God. And I’m grateful because my wife, Rachel, supported me during this entire process,” said Dr. Hawkins at his doctoral celebration held last month.

The two-day celebration was held June 13 and 14 at Bible Fellowship Church where 15 preachers joined to support and celebrate this achievement.

“I love what I do. I love being here, with people who have come to celebrate the Lord with me. We are a family of believers,” Hawkins said.

Many ministers of Bible Fellowship who have trained and studied under Dr. Hawkins’ leadership participated in the joyful event, including Reverend Al Cowlah, Reverend Marvin Culberson, Reverend Brian Edwards, Reverend Matthew Hawkins and Pastor Loc Le, who ministers in Vietnamese.

The celebration services concluded on Sunday, June 14 with Pastor Gregory Christopher, of Shiloh Baptist Church in Tacoma, WA, bringing the spoken word.

“I thank God for the educational journey that led me to receiving a doctoral degree, and I am grateful for my testimony. What a blessing!” Said Dr. Hawkins. “Truly it shows that we can do all things through Christ!”



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