“Paint Me A Rainbow” Album Review    



By Ryan Cole


Ron San Miguel’s album “Paint Me A Rainbow” is a fantastic pop album in the vein of 70’s style singer/songwriters, think James Taylor.


The album opens with the title track “Paint me a Rainbow.” This is a beautiful longing type song. “May the colors of the rainbow bring us together.” This is a feel good, come together type song that is sure to lift the spirits of any listener.

“Some Old Letters” is a song about old love being revisited when reading old love letters. It’s a beautifully touching song. If you’ve ever had a love that got away then this song will have much meaning to you. Ron’s piercing vocals blend well with the harmony of the music. ♥

“Technologically Challenged” is a great, fun song that challenges technology today. “I won’t mess with mother nature when it comes to food.” This song will put a smile on your face along with “Electro-Magnetic Pollution.” These are both thought provoking songs that have a biting wit to them. Love these types of songs.

My pick for Song of the Album is “Not Afraid To Love Again.” This is an emotionally gripping song about not being afraid to love again. Ron brings so much emotion to his vocals during this song. You can feel the real pain of being afraid before to love and now taking back control of your life. The melody is simply and beautiful. This song is sure to bring a tear to your eyes. ♥

Overall, Ron has created a stunning album full of wit, charm, emotion and depth. It’s hard to find songwriters that can create albums like this nowadays but Ron has done just that. Bravo Ron. ♥


— Ryan Cole is a voting member of National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (the organization that awards the GRAMMYs) — Nashville, Tennessee Chapter.



In the Fall of 2014, Ron’s Paint Me A Rainbow album was on the Ballot for the 57th Grammys, in the category of Best Pop Vocal Album. While Ron did not win the nomination for the Grammy Awards in February 2015, he was in good company, as the competition for that category included the likes of Lady Gaga, Andrea Bocelli, and Shakira.


Song number ten of this album, “Píntame Un Arcoiris” is presently on the Ballot for nominations to the 16th Latin Grammys. Voting results will be made known on September 23, 2015.


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