Book Review: “No one is too young to discover that another world is possible”



Joelito’s Big Decision /La gran decisión de Joelito, a beautifully illustrated and translated Spanish/English bilingual book, will soon be published.


It’s about a boy and a burger and the struggle for economic justice and begins when 10-year old Joelito heads toward the door of MacMann’s Burger Restaurant for his weekly Friday-night family dinner.


There he finds his best friend standing outside MacMann’s with his parents protesting for higher wages.


The book looks squarely at the incredible degree of inequality in the country and works wonderfully for initiating lively discussions between children and their parents and teachers, and provoking critical thinking and engagement in all ages.


The author and artist created this book for children who want to understand their social world, for teachers who want to engage their students in lively discussions about social justice, and for parents, grandparents, librarians, booksellers and others who want children to inhabit a more just and joyful future.


The book incorporates an anti-capitalist perspective –Joelito learns that the rich are so rich because the poor are so poor. The story provokes critical thinking and interest at all grade levels.


The children’s book will be available September from Hardball Press or via [email protected]’s Big Decision, Barnes and Noble and independent booksellers.


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