Last Chance to See Lower Bottom Playaz Perform August Wilson’s “King Hedley II”


“King Hedley II,” as presented by the Lower Bottom Playaz, is a must-see to understand the many social problems and generational barriers that play a part in the lives of our families.

There is something unique and very special about August Wilson’s work and his ability to both develop the characters and create real-life situations.


It is an eye-opening piece, taking viewers into the struggles of King Hedley II, played by Koran Streets, and the fight King is faced with for his survival as he takes on the challenges of truths previously unknown to him.


His mother Ruby, played by Ayodele Nzinga, has tried to shield him from these truths.


This heartfelt real-life story has all the weavings in and out of love, distrust and betrayal, reflecting the kind of love and hate two people can share and the possibilities that can come in the midst of all the chaos.


The play shows how so many young people can push away from the love they were unable to accept at a certain time in their lives.


The staging of the play perfectly matches the atmosphere, pulling in the audience with its strong emotions.


The Lower Bottom Playaz is Oakland’s own amazing professional theater group.


The final performances of the play are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., with 2 p.m. matinees on Saturday and Sunday at the Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway in Oakland. For information, call (510) 332-1319.


Tickets are available at


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