“Classic Man” Artist Jidenna is About More than Music


By Ibraheem Muhammad


Up and coming artist Jidenna recently delivered a classic performance for fans in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood.


Known for his hit release “Classic Man” – which has brought the artist acclaimed success – and his classic swag, Jidenna showed that he is about more than just music.

His recent performance on Aug. 22 at the Annie St. Plaza, sponsored by Spotify, provided a platform for local youth to express their talents.


People gathered around to enjoy the sounds of some musically talented youth as well as up and coming Bay Area artists, whose performances were very impressive.


When Jidenna and his crew took to the stage, the crowd received not just a performance but a message of unity as well. He, Janelle Monae and other artists with Wondaland Records have been a part of the movement for Black lives in recent weeks, marching alongside local activists around the country.


“There has been a lot of commotion happening lately and I’m here to do more than perform, but to say that all this commotion has to end,” said Jidenna, speaking on police violence against Black people and issues affecting Black youth and people of color.


“Stop the violence and the hate. People have fought for us to be here and there are still problems now,” he continued. “Life should be valued and all the police brutality needs to stop; all the violence in the communities needs to come to an end.”


Jidenna used his voice and platform to bring a sense of togetherness.


“I am human, too,” he said. “Being an artist doesn’t make any of us different. We are (all) human beings and should strive for a higher success because we all are great.”


“Black lives matter, but not only Black lives but all lives matter. A person shouldn’t be judged by their size, skin color, ethnicity or even orientation. We are who we are,” he said.


Jidenna is truly an artist to look out for and a role model for young people.


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