Hip Hop TV Gives Voice to Indie Artists Around the World


Hip Hop TV is designed to serve as a unique platform that represents hip-hop culture and fills a long-existing gap.

“Our platform is important because we are giving a voice to indie Hip Hop artists around the world and fully embrace Hip Hop culture from a global perspective,” says Shawn Granberry founder of WatchNow Networks and Hip HopTV.

Granberry has dedicated himself not only to work in the entertainment industry but also to working with young people and creating pathways and opportunities for them to build successful careers.

WatchNow Networks and Hip HopTV are a continuation of that work.

“Urban culture starts with the kids on the street corner,” Granberry said. “Whether it is baseball caps worn backwards, tight fitting jeans or growing out dread locks. We understand the need to give the true creators of the culture a voice and the power of that voice. We include all of Hip Hop culture in our network. So we are giving opportunities to many young people to get involved with Hip HopTV. ”

Hip hop culture as a whole has been corporatized, and young people are not learning true essence of self love and the genius, which is within them where the culture comes from, according to some Hip Hop activists.

Black culture and Hip Hop in particular have become a mechanism that is being used to push the materialistic and individualistic perspective of this society, which are opposite to the culture’s true form, the cultural activists say.

Granberry launched his site with much support and excitement at the renowned Hiero Day Hip Hop festival. “We chose to launch on Hiero Day because Hiero represents the power of Hip Hop. Hiero has been independent for many years,” he said.
The Bay Area is well known for its strong independent artist network.

“They (Hieroglyphics) own their own warehouse that houses their studio, offices and global logistics center for their merchandise sales,” said Granberry.

“And they produce a beautiful Hip Hop festival every year. Hip Hop TV is Hiero in an OTT (Over the top content) network form. We want Hip HopTV to unite people the way Hiero Day does every year.”


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