Explorers and Senior Volunteers Help CHP Do their Job Safely


Everyone uses roads and highways throughout the state to travel, conduct business, engage in commerce, or simply enjoy California’s beauty. Motivated citizens can help California Highway Patrol (CHP) do their jobs safely as Explorers and Senior Volunteers.


Whether uniformed, non-uniformed, or volunteers, every member of the department makes important contributions to the CHP.


In the CHP’s Explorer Program, young men and women, ages 15 to 21, have the unique opportunity to experience what a career in law enforcement would be like.


Explorers receive physical fitness training, medical training, organizational, and clerical training. They attend community outreach events, staff DUI Checkpoints, participate in ride-alongs in the field, and compete in Explorer Competitions.


Currently, the Golden Gate Division (Bay Area) has four active Explorer Posts operating in the Santa Rosa, Solano, Oakland and San Jose CHP areas. Additionally, the Napa, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Redwood City CHP areas have all started developing Explorer Posts this year.


These Explorer Posts play an integral role in the department’s efforts to serve the communities of California and to develop young people into responsible and productive citizens.


The Senior Volunteer Program also assists the CHP in serving communities with the highest level of safety, service and security.


Senior Volunteers assist the CHP with various tasks such as: administrative duties, radar trailer deployment, traffic control, community outreach, child safety seat installation, and serving as school crossing guards throughout the Bay Area. They make the biggest impact by assisting with the coordination and instruction of the Age Well, Drive Smart Program.


Every year, the Senior Volunteer Program provides the CHP with more than 175,000 hours of service, equating to nearly $4.5 million.


Citizens interested in becoming Senior Volunteers must be over the age of 55, have a clean driving record/background, and can complete the CHP Senior Volunteer Training Program.


Contact your local CHP office for more information about the Senior Volunteer Program. For a list of CHP offices, go to www.chp.ca.gov/find-an-office.



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