SCHOOL BUZZ: Determination Media Group Promotes Youth



Media is now the way to reach people, and one group that is providing information is the Determination Media Group from West Oakland.


These individuals have been highlighted by media coordinator Rafael Flores in a TED Talk at Expression College in Emeryville. The group’s film has been nominated at the Youth Media Awards and has even been viewed at the historic TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood.



This media group has built a social justice media business at the community center called Youth Impact HUB.


“We provide cultural and media programming for young people of color in Oakland, free of charge, and many of them have transformed their lives to become media professionals and positive role models,” according to the Determination Media Group.


In this positive environment, some of the students have been very successful. The students have come from families that have been devastated by the criminal justice system, the drug world, school to prison pipeline or the immigration system.


But those that have participated in the program have blossomed, achieving contracts with Def Jam Records, Adobe and MTV.


Those involved in Determination Media have come together to work as one. They have shown that people can achieve more by working as a team.


“Many of our young Black men are single fathers who make positive changes in the lives of their children everyday. They have built businesses and mentored other young people who are struggling to complete their academic studies or navigate the criminal justice system,” according to the Determination Media Group.


“Our projects have helped us on a journey of self-discovery as we learn our purpose as social justice artists and change agents in our community. Many of our young people are working professionals in the media industry,” said Determination Media Group.


These young people have stood strong and are not giving up. They have not given up on education, and they have been dedicated to mastering their craft.


Though they have lost loved ones, the have already received grants that have funded their work. And there will definitely be a lot more to come.



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