Francisco Herrera; Latino Candidate Announces Campaign for SF Mayor


Francisco Herrera, a resident of San Francisco for almost 30 years who has worked with families from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds throughout the city as community educator and musician, has announced his candidacy for Mayor of San Francisco.


According to Herrera, “Affordability is the crucial issue we need to address and it is time to rein in the run-away housing market, which is destroying the very fabric of our San Francisco community.”

“I have entered the race for Mayor of San Francisco to create a more affordable and humane San Francisco for all its residents. Working people can no longer afford to live in the city we have all built,” said Herrera. “The school district reports over 2,700 children are homeless in S.F. Affordability is more than paying the rent. It is access to healthy food, excellent education—including the saving and strengthening of City College—access to health and improving living conditions through local jobs, a livable wage and the right for working people to organize.”


“I commit to stand with working people who are in the process of acquiring residency and citizenship and who have been sheltered by sanctuary cities. It is these very immigrants who have made San Francisco the powerful city it is today, through small businesses, family life and diversity. As a candidate for Mayor, I am proud to stand up for those whose voices might not otherwise be heard.”

Herrera, born in Calexico, CA, has dedicated his life to budgetary and policy change in order to improve the quality of life of working people. As a musician, he has independently produced seven albums of diverse genres, including children’s music. As an educator, he has worked throughout the Americas, specifically alleviating trauma from war, torture and violence while helping people organize around quality-of-life issues. He is an investigative radio host with the oldest public radio network in the country, Pacifica Radio.

Francisco has worked with many organizations, unions and interfaith communities. He studied Political Science at Santa Clara University and earned his masters in Theology, having studied to be a Catholic Priest. However, bringing together people from diverse religious, economic and cultural backgrounds to work for the common good has marked his work.


“My commitment is to bring the wisdom of San Francisco neighborhoods to City Hall to build a working-family friendly city that is rich in diversity, where we can all thrive,” said Herrera.


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