Netta Brielle Opens Up in New Project “580”


Reeling on the huge success of her single “3xKrazy” this past year, songstress Netta Brielle has released a new project in which she shares her deepest emotions with fans.




The nine-track album, titled “580,” was released on Friday, Oct. 2 and puts real R&B back into the spotlight.

Her latest single on the album, “I Just Wanna Be Loved”, is one sample of the old school R&B sounds that one can expect from this new project. It fuses Netta’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals with smooth melodies.

Netta speaks through the music and expresses her emotions, her dreams, challenges, fears and heartbreak.

“This past year has been a true test of faith, and a true test of patience; a moment in time of feeling unwanted and unsure, surviving the reality of losing loved ones to violence and learning how to pick up the pieces,” Netta says about the inspiration for her new project.

“Now it’s time to tell my story,” she belts out on “Hallelujah,” singing about her dreams of becoming an entertainer as a little girl.

While the new EP chronicles Netta’s journey to realizing her dreams, it also showcases her evolution as an artist.

The singer shows her vocal skill on songs “Hallelujah,” “Memories” and “I Just Wanna Be Loved,” among others. Fans get to know more about Netta Brielle on this project, which includes fan favorites “3xKrazy” and “More To A Kiss.”

The melodies of “580” can have a dual effect – providing musical entertainment and motivation from a Bay Area artist who started out with a big dream and a voice.

Netta Brielle will also soon perform at the For The Love of Music concert on Thursday, Oct. 15 at Neck of the Woods, 406 Clement St. in San Francisco.

“580” is available on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.


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