SCHOOL BUZZ: Transitioning to High School for Higher Learning


For some students, high school can be a scary place.


But it has been a new adventure full of experiences, opportunities and knowledge for Mya Moreno, Morgan Lawson, and Bianca Camello, students at Salesian High School in Richmond. In their eyes, it is a way for them to learn how they can give back to their community.




“My main focus in the classroom is to learn,” said Morgan. “Learning new things can get you so far in life and if I start right now, going into high school, then I will be more open-minded when it comes to situations in life.”


Mya, Morgan, and Bianca are not only bright students but also student athletes.


They say playing sports is not just about competing, but another way to relieve stress, have fun, and add some excitement in their lives.


“In high school, in order to play sports, you have to keep your grades up,” said Mya.


In middle school, Mya said she struggled with managing her time wisely. “I would start my assignment, then wait till the last minute to finish,” she said.


“That caused me lots of stress because I worried that I would get a bad grade or I wasn’t going to turn in (my assignment) on time,” Mya explained. “So this year, as a freshman, I am going to start fresh and make good and new habits.”


High school can be a big place all on your own. Students need their families and friends for support.


Mya, Morgan, and Bianca look to each other for support and help each other stay on track.


Morgan said, “I’m supporting Bianca and Mya in this transition by just being there for them with homework and pushing them even harder in sports and education.”


“I know when things get hard, people like to give up, but if you have support behind you, then you can achieve whatever it is you put your mind to,” said Morgan.


Mya added, “I’ve been team captain for my teams and I can tell you it’s the hardest thing in the world because you have to keep everybody’s spirits up and make them believe that you could still win, or whatever the situation may be, including yourself.”


Mya continued, “We all have those moments when we do something wrong and we get down on ourselves. You have to keep your spirits up as well.”


These three incredible individuals have a lot in store for them.


When asked what they want to do after high school, Morgan responded, “I definitely have an interest in attending college. Getting a full ride to a university would be a dream of mine. Something I can’t wait for!”


“One of my dreams is to attend college,” said Mya, whose dream colleges are UC Berkeley and University of Connecticut.


Bianca said, “Yes, I am going to college.”


It is important to stay focused on where it is we want to go, she added. “Paying attention to the work we are doing and making sure I don’t sit with people who are going to talk and get me in trouble,” said Bianca.


High school is only the beginning for Mya, Morgan, and Bianca. They said they will always continue to work hard to reach their goals.


The future for them is limitless.


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