Serena Witherspoon is a sociology major at Berkeley City College and is preparing to transfer to a university next fall. She would like to continue studying critically in order to fight for race, class and gender equality.


Serena is planning for the future. “I hope that I can continue to learn and grow and work with amazing people with common goals to make change happen,” she said.


One thing Serena feels that we can do is vote: “I wrote an article about the issue of youth not voting, which is something that deeply concerns me,” she said. “When I talk about voting, I’m really talking about the meaning behind it.”


“I just hope to keep the conversation going, especially as my generation prepares to be the legislators and enforces of the world,” said Serena.


Serena would like to keep us all engaged. “I have been working with Joan Blades on Living Room Conversations, which generated a civics and civility course that will teach young people to talk about policy issues,” she said.


“Through Living Room Conversations, I’m able to get people my age thinking about issues of class, race, gender, education systems and environmental distress. I am also currently working on getting these conversations to happen at my old high school, Berkeley High School.”


There should never be a reason for anyone to give up, she said. “I feel that social justice has given my life purpose, which sounds cliché, but when you really find your niche there is no other way to describe it,” she said.


“I am a firm believer in education. I see it as a gateway towards having the ability to make change in the world,” said Serena.


“I joined the Black Student Union where I now am the chair of the Berkeley City College Academic Committee,” she continued.


“I also have a passion for art, music, and dance,” Serena continued. “I find that practicing these fields brings joy to both my life and those around me. I think entertainment, laughing, and smiling all make life worth living.”


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