Fleet Week Features Veterans Employment Seminar


The Fleet Week 2015 committee hosted a Veterans Employment Seminar at the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco.

The Veterans Summit, an all-day program, included panels focused on employment issues and discussed the hurdles facing veterans reentering the workplace.


Panel topics ranged from discussions of the military culture and the importance of the veteran population to issues of transition from the veteran’s perspective.


Key issues such as veterans’ responsibilities in their quest for jobs were also discussed, as well as how employers can support the veterans once they are hired.


M/G J. Michael Myatt, USMC (Ret.), president and CEO of the Marines’ Memorial Association, hosted the event.


“Our nation’s veterans are the best-trained, best qualified, of those seeking employment,” he said. “They have a built-in work ethic. They understand the value of a job. And they bring added value to the employer. They have served our nation.”


Dr. Vince Patton, Ed.D., executive director of Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association, discussed the military, its culture, and the value veterans bring to prospective employers.


“Our veterans are at the top of prospective hires in the employment pool,” he said. “They understand the expectations of the workplace. They understand the workplace culture and the values of a job.”


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