Congressional Black Caucus Opposes New Alabama Voting Rights Restrictions


Congressional Black Caucus Chairman G. K. Butterfield has released a statement opposing the state of Alabama’s decision to close 31 satellite driver’s license offices in rural areas, which will immediate impact predominately African American counties and minority voters around the state.


“We continue to see challenges to voting rights across the country, and Alabama’s decision to close more than 30 driver’s license offices around the state disproportionally impacts African American voters,” he said.


“The decision is particularly troubling considering that many of the shuttered offices are located in rural areas and counties where more than 75 percent of the registered voters are African American,” Butterfield continued.


“The closure of these offices in eight out of the10 counties with the highest numbers of African Americans, blocks residents’ ability to obtain a driver’s license, which is required in order to vote in the state,” he continued.


“Alabama’s harsh voter ID law further restricts the ability of residents to obtain the requisite identification needed not only to vote, but also to drive, get a job, or apply for a passport,” he said.


Butterfield said that protecting voting rights, with a particular focus on eliminating barriers to equal voting rights, is a critical priority of the Congressional Black Caucus.


“The Congressional Black Caucus is more engaged than ever in our efforts to ensure voting rights are protected for all eligible citizens,” he said.


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