Vigil Held for Muralist Antonio Ramos


A vigil for muralist Antonio Ramos was held last Thursday at the mural where he was slain, in commemoration of his life and his exemplary work in Oakland communities.


Antonio, who was 27, was killed last week while working on a mural for the Oakland Superheroes Mural Project, a youth-inspired project of the Attitudinal Healing Center (AHC) in which Oakland students are encouraged to imagine themselves as superheroes who solve problems in their communities and are depicted in a mural.


On Thursday, Antonio’s family and hundreds of supporters were present and as many candles lit the underpass wall while loved ones left written messages to Antonio on pieces of paper in front of the mural.


Amana Harris, executive director of the AHC and creator of the Oakland Superheroes Mural Project, opened the ceremony, remembering Antonio as an amazing contributor to the project and as somebody who embodied the superheroes he was painting.


“Antonio gave us the gift of never giving up and having faith that we will never be defeated,” said Kokomon Clottey, Co-Founder of the AHC. “We will continue to spread the word of compassion, love, hope and peace in his name.”


According to Clottey, Antonio arrived at the AHC when they were painting the first Superheroes mural on San Pablo Avenue. “He stopped by the mural in progress one day and asked to volunteer and since then he never left us,” said Clottey.


The new mural located under the I-580 overpass on West Street has been dedicated to Antonio.


Friends of Antonio and his family are conducting fundraising to cover funeral costs. Donations can be made at


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