Showing of Paintings by Ivory Coast Artist Aboudia


Ivory Coast artist Aboudia is known for his large-scale, heavily layered and energetic paintings that reflect his experience after the heavily disputed Ivorian presidential election of 2010, in which daily life was thrown into turmoil.


In March 2011, the conflict reached a crisis point and the African country broke into a civil war. During this period Aboudia took refuge in a basement studio and began a body of work that responded to the horrors of the situation.


A relevant artist in today’s world of contemporary art, Aboudia is bringing his art for view and sale back to the Bay Area through Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco (Art SV/SF), the international contemporary and modern art at the, San Mateo County Event Center, which continues through Sunday, Oct.11.


The art fair that brings together more than 50 art galleries and artists from around the globe. This year’s contributors take advantage of exhibiting in the tech world’s backyard.


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