Author Dakotah Jennifer Inspired by Maya Angelou, Lemony Snicket among other authors




At 15 years old, the young up-and-coming author Dakotah Jennifer has already written a number of books and continues to captivate readers through her stories.


Jennifer’s first book, entitled “I Want To Know”, is a book of poetry that highlights her relationship with a friend. She is currently working on three new books and has found a real passion for young adult fiction.


In an interview with the Post, Jennifer talked about her inspiration as a writer and the stories behind her upcoming books.

One of the books, “Way Too Far” still to be released, tells a story of two girls in the eighth grade who decide to do an experiment where they pretend to hate each other. While pretending, however, the boiling tensions and emotions between them begin to pit them against each other.

The story details this dramatic experience and shows how the two girls work through all their tensions and secrets, Jennifer explained.

The author says her passion for reading really fueled her desire to write. “I always thought it was normal to write, so it wasn’t what specific author made me want to write but it was more what author made me understand that writing was important and a special thing,” she said.

Some writers that have inspired her are Lemony Snicket, and African American poets Maya Angelou and Rita Dove.

Jennifer has also been working on another book of poetry, “Forever” which is expected to be released later this year.

“I really like writing poetry which contains powerful messages and really hits you and makes you think about it. I also like writing young adult fiction because I like writing things that I like to read,” said Jennifer.

She continued, “I like to give readers the chance to live vicariously through the characters, be part of the world and learn what mistakes not to make and how to treat their friends through the mistakes that the characters make.”

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