Dr. Larry Moore Reaches Students Where They Are with School of Theology


As an educator who has taught in Oakland for over a decade, Dr. Larry Moore saw a need for schools tailored to the study of theology.


In 2007, he started the Moore University of Theology offering doctorate programs and providing a cultural outlook on ministry. Students can study divinity, philosophy, ministry, theology or Bible Interpretation and develop skills to become life coaches.


The school has graduated 60 students since it was founded and meets students where they are, said Moore. The program credits work experience towards students’ graduation requirements.


“I incorporate students’ life and job experiences with my program,” said Moore, who is also pastor of Bride of Jesus Christ Churches.


“In my community, there were a lot of individuals that had gone through life struggles and a lot of them dropped out of school. I saw a way that could help them and help society at the same time,” he said.


Moore also founded the Global University School of Humanities & Theology in 2008, which offers programs to obtain associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Additionally, the school offers a GED program and helps students develop life skills.


Students have the option to attend classes or complete assignments and correspond with Dr. Moore virtually.


As a self-proclaimed educational buff, Moore holds two doctorates in Divinity and Theology, and a Ph.D in Humanities. He was ordained in 1977 by Rev. Arthur L. Slayton.


He hopes to empower students and working professionals to become active citizens of society through his programs.


“I saw the need, a void actually, in the education process of our young women and men in the community. I want to help people to better their lives, to be able to feed their families and just have a productive life as a part of society, not as an agent against society,” said Moore.


For more information, contact Larry Moore at (510) 228-5696.


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