SF State Ethnic Studies Launches Post-baccalaureate Certificate


By Jonathan Morales, SFSU News


From the tech world to law enforcement to education to the boardroom, it’s a topic that is

coming up more frequently: how can organizations and businesses listen to and





incorporate the voices of individuals from underrepresented backgrounds?


A new program from San Francisco State University’s College of Ethnic Studies is

hoping to advance that conversation.


The Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Ethnic Studies program, launched this fall, is

designed to provide students who have already received their undergraduate degrees with

a specialization in ethnic studies that can be applied to any professional field.


“Knowing and understanding the experiences of communities of color as well as the

issues of inequality, equity and empowerment is something that many organizations

struggle with,” said Amy Sueyoshi, associate dean of ethnic studies.


“Our program draws upon SF State’s 50-year history of teaching ethnic studies and,

because of its flexibility, can be tailored to meet the needs of any individual in any

occupation,” she said.


In the program, students take one core course, “Theories and Issues in Ethnic Studies,”

and can then select two elective courses from any of the college’s upper division or

graduate offerings. To complete the program, students enroll in a culminating experience

specific to their field.


SF State’s College of Ethnic Studies is the first and only such college in the nation,

founded in 1969 following a months-long student strike demanding that the viewpoints

and experiences of underrepresented minorities be included in the academic curriculum.


The college’s curriculum is designed to be interdisciplinary and accessible to all students,

an aspect that carries over to the new certificate program.


“Our college was founded on the principles of community-based research and teaching,

and the Post Baccalaureate Certificate program is closely aligned with that principle,”

said Kenneth Monteiro, dean of the College of Ethnic Studies.


“It allows students to engage in learning that is the most meaningful for them and for

their organizations, so that the conversations we have about equity and justice here on

campus can be further brought out into the wider community,” said Monteiro.


For more information about the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Ethnic Studies, visit



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