Community Forum: “When Violence Challenges the Education of Young African American Women”



Black Women Stirring the Waters (BWSTW) is hosting a community forum, “When Violence Challenges the Education of Young African American Women,” Sunday, Nov. 15, 1:30 p.m. at Lake Park, 1850 Alice St. in Oakland.


This discussion will focus on the recent incidents that have occurred across the country against Black female students and in particular in Columbia, South Carolina.


The panel will include retired police Captain Reggie Lyles, a school administrator, a teacher, a parent and a student.


Speakers will address:


Leadership questions of parents whose children are sitting in the classroom when violence disrupts;


Expectations of the teachers working with student behavioral issues in the classroom;


Code of Ethics: roles, responsibility and interactions among students inside and outside of the classroom;


The school administrators’ policies and viewpoints on issues of concern and enforcement methods to maintain a safe school environment;


The role of law enforcement in public school systems inside and outside the classrooms and the systemic recurrence of violence towards young African American Women.


For information, contact June Costa at (919) 623-8727 or [email protected]


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