“We are the Storm” Exhibit Reveals Unity Under Threat of Climate Change


CultureStrike, in collaboration with Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, has forged partnerships between artists and frontline environmental justice organizations to create a provocative, limited-edition art print portfolio, called “We are the Storm,” that highlights the urgency of climate change on migrants and communities of color.


The exhibit will be on display at the Omi Gallery, located at 2323 Broadway in Oakland, starting Monday, Nov. 16.


According to a press release from the artist groups, “The portfolio draws inspiration from the powerful work of grassroots groups that are championing creative and community-based solutions to combat climate change, and resisting industrial fossil fuel projects, such as the Tar Sands projects, the Keystone pipeline, fracking operations, destructive mining practices, and the transporting and burning of toxic fuels.”


The featured artworks bring voices from frontline communities that are being the most impacted by climate change and destructive environmental practices, to the forefront of the climate change discussion, says the press release.


“The reality is that a lot of our communities have been fighting back for years and intersecting climate change with other issues that affect them,” said Julio Salgado, project manager and visual artist for CultureStrike.


“There are migrants, for example, that have to leave their countries because of the effects of climate change,” said Salgado.


The entire “We Are The Storm” climate portfolio can be viewed online at: www.culturestrike.org


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