Following Victory, Black Students Evacuate Missouri Campus Amid Terrorist Threats


University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe announced his resignation Monday, amid calls from students, faculty and lawmakers for him to step down.


Wolfe faced pressure to resign because of how he has handled racial tensions on campus, as well as other issues.


Students from the Legion of Black Collegians, the Black student government, a movement known as Concerned Student 1950 and more than 30 Black players on the Mizzou football team began protesting after a series of racially motivated incidents on campus and criticized the president’s reaction to the series of racist incidents.


They made his resignation one of their chief demands and are also seeking changes to how the university approaches diversity and race relations.


Since Wolfe resigned on Monday, however, Black students on campus have received a multitude of terrorist threats through social media and in person.


According to one student’s Facebook post, “There are white students at Mizzou right now riding around in pickup trucks terrorizing black people. There are groups of white students standing in circles chanting ‘White power!’”


A white student had threatened to “shoot every black person” on campus the following day, prompting a campus-wide alert and police investigation in which the suspect has been arrested.


As a result, Black students have been evacuating the campus out of fear for their safety, facing mixed response from university faculty. One student emailed her professor the day before an exam saying, “I am scared for my life therefore I will not be attending class tomorrow. When can I makeup the exam?”


The professor replied to his student, “If you don’t feel safe coming to class, then don’t come to class. I will be there, and there will be an exam administered in our class.”


Another University of Missouri professor has cancelled his classes, saying “Attending class tomorrow, in light of recent threats, would be a privilege not available to all my students, and I have therefore decided that it will not be a privilege for any of my students.”


Concerned Student 1950 has called for more faculty and staff of color and improved mental health resources on campus as well.


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