Members of 30 Groups Plan for Next City Elections


By Carroll Fife


The Oakland Alliance convened a meeting Saturday, Nov. 7 of over 100 people representing more than 30 organizations to plan for the 2016 Oakland elections.


Rather than allowing the progressive vote in Oakland to be split between establishment candidates who fail to represent the true values and needs of Oakland communities, progressive groups are joining forces to recruit, support and elect their own candidates and hold them accountable.


Representatives from groups including the Anti Police-Terror Project, the Oakland Tenants Union, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, the Oakland Education Association and SEIU 1021 gave reports on the state of struggle in Oakland around education, displacement, economic justice, public safety and civil rights, and environmental conditions.


Participants prioritized issues facing the community and discussed experiences working with incumbent elected officials on those issues.


The next meeting will be held Saturday, Dec. 5, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the First African Methodist Episcopal Church (FAME), 3701 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland, to discuss what kind of candidates they want to support for office, and what form the coalition will take as they continue to work together.


Ultimately, they hope to unite the progressive movement in Oakland behind a slate of candidates who will challenge the institutional power structure that has failed to represent the interests of the people over the powerful.


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