Supervisor Wilma Chan Gives $ 250,000 to “Know-Your-Rights” Program For Students


Supervisor Chan has contributed $250,000 to support the “ Learn Your Rights in California” (LYRIC) program, sponsored by the Alameda County Public Defender’s Office, which will help 5,000 area students better understand their Constitutional rights so they can avoid confrontations with police, stay out of the criminal justice system and protect themselves from harm.


“Relations between law enforcement and community youth nationwide have deteriorated,” said Supervisor Chan. “I made this contribution to help prevent routine police encounters from spinning out of control. Youth who know their rights and how to assert them will help make our communities safer for everyone.”


According to Chan, evidence suggests that many incidents could have been avoided if residents had a better understanding of their rights, how to interact with police, and how to effectively de-escalate conflict.


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