Partnership Helps Offset Housing Costs for New San Francisco Teachers


A cohort of new San Francisco teachers is eligible for as many as three years of assistance to overcome one of the most significant hurdles to teaching in the Bay Area: housing.


The nonprofit Teachers Housing Cooperative (THC) is helping to subsidize housing by providing annual grants of $4,800 to qualified teachers who participate in the San Francisco Teacher Residency’s rigorous teacher preparation program.


The housing grants provided by the THC will help the San Francisco Teacher Residency (SFTR) retain excellent teachers who make at least a three-year commitment to teach in high-needs schools and subject areas in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD).


The cost of living in San Francisco has often been the deciding factor for SFUSD teachers who have left the city and school district.


Attracting new teachers to fill these positions remains a challenge; the citywide median monthly rent now eclipses $3,400, far beyond what a new teacher’s salary can cover. But with support from the Teachers Housing Cooperative, SFTR believes it will now be able to double the number of teachers it prepares to teach in San Francisco.


“We believe that it’s in the best interest of students in San Francisco when their teachers can afford to live in the city,” said Jonathan Osler, Executive Director of SFTR. “Graduates from our program are highly prepared to boost student achievement from day one, and this partnership will help them afford to remain committed to our schools.”


Since 2000, the Teachers Housing Cooperative has been providing grants to many qualified SFUSD teachers renting in San Francisco. Traditionally, grant-funded teachers are able to receive up to two years of financial support through the THC. Under the new partnership with SFTR, the THC is adding a third year of funding to qualified SFTR graduates to support their retention.


“We chose to partner with SFTR because their mission is aligned with our commitment to support SFUSD teachers,” said Sarah Anderson of the Teachers Housing Cooperative. “SFTR graduates enter their classrooms with over 1700 hours of student teaching experience and a masters degree – clearly they are ready to help our young people thrive.”


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