Curry Showing No Sign Of Slowing Down Since Injury


Sacramento, CA – The lingering shin injury that has hobbled Stephen Curry in the past few weeks was a non factor last night. In two back-to-back games it’s safe to say the reigning MVP is back! Curry continues to wow the crowds in which many fans have hopped on the bang wagon from city to city.


The Warriors finished their road trip in Sacramento last night where a potential playoff matchup in the first round could happen. Playing the final game of the series, leaves the Warriors undefeated in four match-ups this season. As for the shin guard the reigning MVP doesn’t like to like to be weighed down.


“I like to have a little more freedom,” said Curry when asked about wearing the shin guards permanently. “Not wearing too much equipment but it’s nice to be out there protected and able to play.”


Last night Golden State got off to a slow start and Curry took full blame for that giving Sacramento an opportunity to make the Warriors work harder than they had to. By the second quarter Curry and Demarcus Cousins were exchanging jumpers from the arc. The Kings forced 11 turnovers in the first, but the Golden State still dominated despite Sacramento becoming more competitive.


“It was my fault to start the game,” he explained. “I kind of set the tone in a negative way with that trying to throw an alley-oop when we had a set play coming out of the huddle and didn’t even give ourselves a chance to run it, turned the ball over. It’s kind of contagious you start the game like that because you kind of backpedal instead of being on the attack. We finally got it under control and got back to who we are.”


Curry made eight 3-pointers and scored 38 points, as the Warriors defeated the Kings 128-116 on Saturday night for their sixth consecutive victory. Golden State improves to 35-2 overall; 18-2 on the road. The Warriors have won its last 5 games, including the last 3 road contests.


Golden State sweep the season series against Sacramento for the 3rd straight season. The Warriors have won 12 straight against the Kings, including the last 6 in Sacramento. The Kings have not defeated Golden State since 12/19/92 (131-127). So one would think if these two teams meet in the first round of the playoffs, it would be a cake walk for the Warriors.


“They continue to improve and that’s why their right on the verge of probably ending up in the playoffs,” said Draymond Green. “They have a lot of talent and continue to play hard.”


However, Golden State will be a hard team to beat especially when they made 19 three-pointers, 12 coming in the 1st half. The 12 1st half 3-pointers were Sacramento’s opponent season-high for a half. The previous high was 11, by the Warriors in the 2nd half, 12/28/15 at Golden State. Not to mention Curry tallied a game-high 38 points. It was his 15th 30-point game of the season. He recorded his 7th double-double of the season with 11 assists.


“I’m glad he’s on our team,” interim head coach Luke Walton said. “He’s pretty impressive. I think all of the injuries and kept getting kicked is kind of throwing him off a little bit. He’s obviously still playing at a MVP level but it just looked like he had a nice little bounce and rhythm to his game out there tonight.”


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