Town Hall Meeting to Hear Testimony on Police-Community Interactions


The Coalition for Police Accountability is hosting a town hall meeting to discuss recent interactions between residents and the Oakland Police Department (OPD).


The meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 11, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the First AME Church, 530 37th St. (on Telegraph) in Oakland.


The federal monitoring team that has been overseeing OPD for Federal Judge Thelton Henderson will be on hand to hear people’s experiences with the police department.


The team members will be seeking specific information: what happened, where when, was a complaint filed, etc.


This event is designed to hear community voices. There will be no panelists. A facilitator will act as a host, but the only speakers will be members of the community.


For information, call (510) 306-0253 or email [email protected]


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