Fremont High Students Fed Up with Unresponsive Administration


Fremont High School students, teachers and other community members are angry and organizing for change at their school after a security camera video surfaced showing a student being assaulted by a campus security guard.



Nearly 150 students walked out of classes last week demanding the firing of the school’s security guard and vice principal.

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According to an article published in Fremont’s student newspaper, The Green and Gold, student concerns are coming to a head because of a Jan. 8 incident involving the vice principal and the security officer trying to keep a student from leaving the main office.


“There are many sides to the story, but the Green & Gold staff believes one thing is clear — the current administrators need to be removed,” the Jan. 28 article says.


The school needs “A principal who is more involved,” the article said. “For example, if a fight breaks out, it should be the principal who is the lead in the resolution of the problem.”


“The principal needs to be seen on campus. We never see the current principal. We need the principal to get to know students. Many of us remember the last principal calling us by our first names. We want the principal to be active in assemblies and rallies.”


The article also called for the school administration to get better control of the campus. “The new administration should not let the security officers only patrol the hallways during lunch — they need to be out on campus.”


An online student blog quoted the concerns of a young woman who is a sophomore at Fremont:


“This environment just like kills me and intoxicates me and wants me to not come back,” the student said. “Which really bothers me because, how can the environment of a school I love and have so much pride of make me not want to return the next day. But I know I have to, because if I’m not, then who is.”


According to the blog posting, a number of students do not feel their walkout on Wednesday, Jan. 27 would make a difference, “that the protest was pointless, and that the student voices would be kept in a box and unheard.”


A parent group, Oakland Parents United, is backing the Fremont community’s demand and the concerns it is raising about the district’s “redesign” of Fremont, which is currently underway.


“Despite the hard work of the Fremont community, they do not feel that the OUSD leadership has adequately supported them in their efforts to redesign their school, and has saddled the school with an administration that has done little to move forward on the redesign plan,” according to the parent group.


A meeting to discuss these issues is taking place Monday, Feb. 8, 6 p.m., at Fremont High School, 4610 Foothill Blvd.


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