UC President Urges Community College Students to Consider UC


Roughly 350,000 community college students received a personal email from UC President Janet Napolitano last week, encouraging them to begin thinking about the next stage of their education.


Her message: Just by starting at community college, students have taken the first step toward a world-class UC education.


The appeal was directed to all first-year community college students who indicated on their entrance applications that they want to pursue a four-year degree. More than 12,000 students who are military service veterans received a similar message informing them of a growing array of veterans’ services at UC.


UC leaders hope that by reaching students early in their studies with guidance and resources, they will be better equipped to focus their coursework for transfer.


The outreach effort includes information about UC’s strong financial aid program, which can make a UC education highly affordable.


The personal outreach is part of an initiative to better serve transfer students that Napolitano launched shortly after assuming leadership of the UC system in 2013.

Already, about 30 percent of UC students start their education at community college, a proportion that far exceeds that of most research universities.


The university is looking to enroll more transfer students as part of a goal to expand enrollment of California residents. UC has committed to enrolling 10,000 additional California residents over the next three years, about a third of which will be transfer students.


“Community college is a great way to prepare for a UC degree,” Napolitano told students in her letter.


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