School Buzz: Samuel Lee Has the Guiding Light


Life has a destination for everyone, however some may not know where that destination is going to be. Some people may have obstacles that block the path that they are trying to follow.


One student named Yechan Lee, who goes by Samuel, moved to the United States when he was six years old. He grew up in El Sobrante, CA, attends De Anza High School and is a very optimistic person who is walking towards the light through his life experiences.


When Samuel was an early teen, he faced many issues that made him feel discouraged. “I was bullied, I was self-conscious and I was very depressed to the point of being suicidal,” said Samuel.


“To cope, I acted very rebelliously. My grades dropped and I did many things that I regret,” he said. As Samuel grew, he began to recognize that he couldn’t let his past limit his future.


The mistakes that Samuel has dealt with have now become his best teacher to progress.


“Through my faith and the help of my parents, I was able to escape this destructive lifestyle. I did not let these roadblocks stop me. I learned to use them to drive me forward. I now see the world in a different light and perspective that gave me an indomitable spirit,” said Samuel.


Samuel’s interactions have become his strength to guide anyone in need. “I have made achievements where I touched and changed the lives of people around me,” said Samuel.


“My goal is to help more people convert to Christianity so that they could find comfort and happiness. I want to share the way that I found happiness to other people so that they could be saved as well,” he said.


“I want the world to grow as I grow with it. My life has been challenging but it never brought me down. I chose to get up and walk. I know that method and motivation are different for all people but I truly believe we are all capable of making a choice to stand up,” said Samuel.


Samuel Lee has found his path and instead of letting his obstacles stop him, he chooses to walk around them to keep moving forward.


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