Coalition for Police Accountability Launches Ballot Initiative


A coalition of 30 diverse organizations in Oakland have announced the launch of Measure X, to be put before voters in November 2016.



The proposed charter change would empower an independent police commission with the goals of providing oversight and imposition of discipline and adoption of best police practices.



The proposal is designed to encourage faith in the administration of the police department and community engagement with police policies.



After more than a dozen years under federal monitoring, which has cost the city $30 million in administrative overhead, the Oakland Police Department still struggles to achieve compliance under Federal Judge Thelton Henderson.



Measure X seeks to put a process in place so that once federal oversight has been completed, the city will stay on track to protect constitutional policing and reduce political influence in the implementation of 21st century police practices.



“While the (police) department has made some strides, history has proven that civil judgments and video evidence alone cannot cure the department of racial profiling and rogue behavior –only effective civilian oversight can do that,” said Reginald Lyles, deacon at Allen Temple Baptist Church and former Public Safety Advisor to Mayor Jean Quan.



“I commend the citizens that are involved in making this a reality,” said Councilmember Noel Gallo. “These citizens live in Oakland and pay the police’s salaries and we should welcome their recommendations for accountability.”



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