Op-Ed: Where is the Economic Fairness to Oaklanders?


Darrel Carey





By Darrel Carey



Time and time again we see the game of economic unfairness and disparity play itself out, and generally affecting women and people of color. 

Now we see it taking place right here in Oakland.



There are billions of dollars in construction project occurring here in the city, and for some reason minority-filled communities seem to get the short end of every opportunity to participate fairly.



Take for instance the $1.5 billion Brooklyn Basin project along Oakland’s waterfront on the Embarcadero. Not even 2 percent of small local business have participated in the planning for this critical development.



As this project prepares for construction the phase, it makes one wonder if the developer is going to do right.



Are the politicians from the Port of Oakland and City of Oakland going to ensure a level of fairness occurs on this project or other projects, such as the West Oakland Transit Orientated Development (housing around the West Oakland BART Station)?



As we watch our city grow, we cannot allow for our native communities to suffer.



There’s a funny saying in Oakland: “if you want a job in Oakland, you should live in Livermore.”



There is a clear disparity in treatment of small local-, minority- and women-owned businesses in many of these local development and construction projects.



Let’s ensure that fairness takes place and all communities impacted become part of the deal, not just stuck in traffic.



A community action is now being organized. So stay tuned. The Oakland Post will keep you updated. It is our challenge as shareholders of Oakland to make sure the politicians wake up.



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