Op-Ed: Senate Stacking the Deck on Supreme Court Nominee


When we reflect on the deadlock between President Obama and the US Senate about the replacement of Antonin Scalia and the heated rhetoric of refusal to even consider interviewing Judge Merrick Garland, a moderate, we can see that political maneuvering is jeopardizing what the court stands for. 


The Supreme Court is supposed to be the bastion of justice, fairness, morality and principles, but the stalemate in the Senate due to its effort to deny the right of the President to carry out his constitutional duty is giving the public an opposite picture of the court.


All this Senatorial posturing is akin to stacking the deck in an attempt to place someone on the court who will be biased in their direction.


If the conservative wing were truly seeking to prove they are seeking someone with a reputation of fair play, then Obama’s selection of Merrick would be the perfect pick.


Their refusal to take an up or down vote on this moderate judge is indicative of their intent to corrupt the bench in favor of the conservative right.


To the everyday common person, this court is considered the final word, of course, with the exception of God’s Court.


How can any judgment be trusted when it is based on party loyalty, beliefs and everything except the law? Judgments could be viewed as tainted. And, what both parties have in common is that whoever is selected will impact the balance of the presented case.


In short, the people aren’t directly a part of this election and approval process. They are pawns, not kingmakers.


What about the oft-repeated phrase, “Let the people decide”? The Senate will pick the next Supreme Court Justice, not the people.


Wasn’t President Obama elected by the vote of the people?


So don’t get caught up in the rapture, rhetoric and the Senate’s shameless gimmickry about the law and the Constitution.


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