Supreme Court Decision Holds Voting Rights


The National Urban League President Marc H. Morial this week praised U.S. Supreme Court’s 8-0 decision in Evenwel v. Abbott, upholding that a state or locality may continue to draw its legislative districts based on total population: 


“The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling … was a vote in favor of our democracy,” said Morial.


“Our Constitution was written under the principle that all who call America home, whether citizens, permanent residents or civically engaged, deserve to be counted in our nation’s democracy,” he said.


“One’s eligibility to vote should not dictate their equal right to representation in congress or in government. Today, the U.S. Supreme Court protected the rights of the poor, the incarcerated, non-citizens, youth and many others who would otherwise be invisible to our government.


“The National Urban League applauds the Court’s unanimous decision and calls on others to ensure voting rights are protected and expanded.”


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