Oakland’s Top-Paid Employee is a Police Officer Who Earned $500,000 Last Year


The City of Oakland’s highest paid employee is a police officer named Malcolm E. Miller, who earned a total of $489,662 in salary and benefits in 2015, according to information from the online database transparentcalifornia.com. 


Miller’s nearly half-million-dollar compensation included $107,672 in regular pay, $192,108 in overtime pay, $117,755 in other pay and $72,127 in benefits.


By comparison, former Oakland Chief of Police Sean Whent was the city’s third-highest paid employee, earning $437,436 in 2015, $52,000 a year less than Miller.


An examination of Transparent California’s database shows that 83 City of Oakland employees earned – in salary and benefits – more than $300,000 a year in 2015, costing the city a total of nearly $28 million.


Almost all of the city’s top earning 83 employees work for the Oakland Police Department (OPD) or the Oakland Fire Department – 43 for OPD and 35 for the fire department.


Less than 10 percent of Oakland police officers live in the City of Oakland, according to reports.


For salaries of public employees in California, there are two main searchable statewide databases.


Those sites are TransparentCalifornia.com, which provides information on government payrolls and pensions, and the State Controller’s Office (SCO) Government Compensation website, www.publicpay.ca.gov/


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