Op-Ed: Why Do They Resist Gun Control Measures?



It is undisputed that the Second Amendment guarantees that anyone is entitled to bear arms. But, at the same time, I don’t believe that the authors perceived that the threat of global terrorism, extreme acts of violence and gang violence and so forth would ever rise to the present level across the nation. 


It is also my opinion that opposition to gun restriction for legitimate concerns, such as safety of family, self and home, is quite understandable.


What is troubling, on the other hand, is that opposition to gun restriction in some circles is not about the right to bear arms for protection but rather is premised on financial gains for profit.


This is reflected in skyrocketing gun sales every time a major horrendous occurrence transpires, such as a mass shooting.


The National Rifle Association (N.R.A.) has a vested interest in the uninterrupted manufacture and sales of weapons and guns. This is why the N.R.A. vehemently opposes any form of legislation that would decrease the sales of weapons, even to criminals or potential terrorists.


It’s no coincidence that the lobbyists have deep pockets to try to influence the congressional, state and local officials because they seek to ensure that nothing is passed that could hinder the profits of gun sales and weapon production.


All this is germane to understanding how capitalism works when everything is predicated on production and sales because the safety and constitutional rights issues are truly secondary to a profit-driven society.


Accordingly, there must be more voices raised to counter the profit motive that blocks gun control while innocent people continue to fall victim to gun violence on a daily basis.


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