Rep. Barbara Lee Praises Work on Democratic Party Platform


Congresswoman Barbara Lee released a statement this week on meetings of the draft platform committee of the Democratic Party.


“As a former co-chair of the Progressive Caucus and as someone who has spent a lifetime fighting for progressive causes, I was proud to participate in the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee process that has just concluded, resulting in a truly progressive platform draft. 


“Reflecting the values of our party, the drafting process was open and inclusive, with a series of public hearings where diverse voices and constituencies had an opportunity to provide input and make their points of view known.


“When there were disagreements—as any democratic process is bound to have—they were respectful, honest and sincere. And the final draft represented a collaborative effort, across both campaigns and committee members.


“We were able to unite around many progressive issues including the need to make sure all Americans earn at least $15 an hour and can join a union; asking the wealthy pay their fair share through a multi-millionaire surtax; breaking up too big to fail financial institutions that pose a systemic risk to the stability of our economy; expanding social security; helping those in poverty, in part through an expansion of the earned income tax credit for childless workers and expanding the child tax credit to lift more children out of poverty; increasing resources for community health centers; declaring our opposition to the Hyde and Helms amendments which restrict women’s access to safe abortions at home and abroad; and abolishing the death penalty.


“I recognize there are bound to be some who are disappointed with the outcome. But our party’s platform has always been both aspirational and imperfect.


“In fact, on issues like climate change, I voted with Senator Sanders, and didn’t get everything I was hoping for. This is how our democracy functions. As a member of Congress, I will continue to oppose TPP.”


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